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e-Commerce AI Crypto Finance Media Entertainment Healthcare Transportation

Our Core Services

We are a boutique development house that provides customized web development services, and comprehensive business resources for startups and small businesses.

Web & App Design

Do you have a concept that needs designing? In addition to our frontend developers, we boast an exceptional team of designers well-versed in the latest successful design trends and practices across various industries. Our expertise extends to all devices and browsers, including Desktop, Mobile App, Mobile Web, iPad, and more.

Funding & Investment Introductions

With established connections in major global technology hubs, we could potentially facilitate introductions to prominent angel investors and venture capital firms worldwide if your product aligns with specific criteria.

Website & Mobile Application (iOS/Android) Development

Our development services are highly flexible and adaptable. Regardless of the platform, whether it's for desktop, mobile app, iPad app, or any other medium, we guarantee seamless integration and synchronization. Moreover, our team comprises specialists proficient in diverse programming areas such as API integrations, Payment Integrations, AI, Crypto, and more.

Product Management

Our product managers have extensive experience partnering with renowned technology companies in Silicon Valley and possess the ability to communicate fluently in multiple languages, ensuring effective communication throughout the development phase. Whether you seek assistance in building a new product or maintaining an existing product rollout, we excel in both endeavors with equal competence.

QA, Testing & Data Entry

During the development process, our rigorous QA team ensures full-cycle quality assurance. Additionally, we offer the option of utilizing a Data Entry team to populate test servers with authentic and precise data, ensuring continuous and pertinent testing of the product.

Our Clients

We work with clients in all industries, globally.

Our Partners & Investors


Your OwnTeam

Our advantages can help you bootstrap your start up efficiently

Scale-up, Scale-down

Financing fluctuates, and plans evolve. Adaptability is crucial. Unlike rigid, lengthy contracts and idle personnel, our approach offers flexibility. You have the freedom to adjust your team size as needed, whether scaling up or down, with just a 30-day notice for removing members.

Always on, always available

We recognize that launching a business, particularly when introducing a new product, demands constant vigilance. Entrusting us with this responsibility is a commitment we approach with utmost seriousness. Our team of product and project managers is dedicated to being available 24/7, ensuring your peace of mind as development progresses.

Our success is your success

We're not interested in delivering a product unless we're proud of it. Whether we're invested in equity or simply collaborating as partners, your success is intricately linked to ours, and we value each relationship as a lifelong partnership.

Need Help

Which step are you in?

You have an idea that you need help flushing out is it possible?
You have an idea but no design yet I want to create a site for...
You have a design done and need us to develop it for you Here is the design for this app, please develop this
You have an existing product or platform that needs to be fixed or redone Our site was not done correctly and we need help fixing this...
You would like to add a team member to your existing team We have an existing team but need extra help with our backend development for 2 months