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Outsourcing software development means choosing a third party capable of managing and developing a part of or all parts of software development. The development services can range from custom development, app development to commercial software development.
Software development outsourcing is not only helpful for startups and non-tech organizations but even large-scale companies like Slack, Amazon, GitHub, Alibaba, and WhatsApp opt for outsourcing. And why not?
Cost reduction (on hiring resources and providing infrastructure), enhanced product quality, vast set of skills, experienced and professional resources, etc. While outsourcing has a lot of benefits but if not managed in the right or organized way, it could be detrimental for business goals.

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You didn’t come this far to only come this far, outsource and get your work done/ Do what you do best, outsource the rest

Let’s be real and face it, finding a trusting software development partner is hard. You have to overcome different time zones, communication barriers, cultural conventions, code quality challenges, and misunderstandings regarding project scope. We’ve been outsourcing software development for quite a long time now, which is why we cater and overcome challenges relatively easy and deliver code as promised.

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Software Development Outsourcing Services:

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

  • Hire for a project to respond to a business objective
  • Augment your organization’s resource capacity
  • Direct control over the hired resources
  • Ideal for short term projects
  • Future-test resources if you want to move to dedicated model
Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Development Teams

  • Acts more like an in-house team
  • Directly control or manage the team
  • Ideal for long term and complex projects
  • Agile working methodology
Project-Based Model

Project-Based Model

  • Partnering company manages project development to execution
  • Overseeing the development and delivering the final product
  • Projects with clearly defined scope fit into this model
  • Business models: Time and material, and fixed priced

Software Development Outsourcing Company:

High performing software, autonomous delivery teams.

We don’t micro-manage, our autonomous delivery teams are reliable. Either software development outsourcing or offshore software development services involve different strategies, however, the end-results for which we strive for is ‘high performing software’ which could perform in any given environment. Some key pointers here are:

  • Organized and well-planned process
  • Utilization of up-to-date work methodologies (Agile, Scrum etc.)
  • Resources alignment with the client’s project and automation of the pipeline
Software development outsourcing services company

End-to-End Software Development Outsourcing Solutions:

Java Development

Java Development

Building, secure, and resilient, java applications.  From simple desktop / mobile apps to full-fledge management systems, we provide functionality via the internet or intranet. We focus on technologies that allow for building reliable and secure web products.

.NET Development

.NET Development

A development framework we commonly use, for building desktop and web applications. .NET platform supports language interoperability allows developers create apps with code working in different platforms. We offer a highly skilled team of specialists you can extend or reduce whenever needed.

Javascript Development

JavaScript Development

JavaScript services should not be confused with Java services as both are different programming languages. We specialize in design, software testing and implementation of software using JavaScript. Frontend and backend development, API integration and development, and database design.

Cloud Development

Cloud Development

Writing code in the cloud directly connected to the cloud environment, where the code is transferred and tested. Creating apps and computing solutions that can work entirely on web platforms. Cloud development adds flexibility in building and deploying new apps as compared to in-house development.

iOS development

iOS Development

Crafting iOS apps for all Apple devices, helping world’s leading brands with mobile-first iterative design approach. This means, our clients get rich expertise in IOS app development as we build beautiful and engaging apps, regardless of the app navigation or interface complexity.

Custom software development Company

Custom Software Development

Code Ninja helps leading enterprises, SMBs and startups elevate their operations with spot on custom software development. Although custom development is time-taking and usually dedicated team model works for it, but depending upon business needs, it could be done if asked for.

Mobile app development

Mobile App Development

Whether you are looking for Android or iPhone app development services or willing to build an application that would work equally well across all mobile platforms, our talented app developers will help you in every step of the way.

Web app development

Web App Development

Our web developers create reliable apps that solve overarching business challenges and provide users with the right set of features. We help businesses across all major industries and niches; also, in choosing the right technology stack, for quicker and cost-efficient web solutions.

Software Outsourcing Process:

With our outsourcing services, we take responsibility for all or a part of software development activities, to cover the lack of internal resources. Here’s our hiring process for software outsourcing.

Initial Request Assessed

We review project scope shared by the client and tailor business proposal. In such proposals, we share the timeline and cost for completion of a project and ask for further details from the client.

Discovery Call

A meeting between the project team and client to understand business goals, strategy and what is required from the software they want to build.

SLA Drafting and Negotiation

We prepare a detailed draft of Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a suggested business model and methodologies popular these days for project management.

Knowledge Transfer

Requirements are studied, along with the existing code and rules, code repositories, documentation, etc. This helps with better understanding of the current state of the product and what’s exactly is expected.

Signing Contract

Although stages of hiring may vary from one outsourcing model to another (dedicated development teams, staff augmentation, project-based model) we laid the basics. After knowledge transfer, the client signs a legal contract where both parties are bound by the specifications being mentioned and agreed.

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Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing:

Software Development Outsourcing Benefits
benefits of software development outsourcing

Software Development Outsourcing Methodology:

It’s a simple method where a company hires a software development service provider to handle their project, from developing custom software to commercial.

  • Defining project goals and scope
  • Documentation of ‘what needs to be developed’
  • Choosing the right technology stack.
  • Assign high performing leader, or project manager.
  • Management of project scope, budget and timeline during each development phase.
Software development outsourcing methodology
software development outsourcing projects

What to Look for When Outsourcing Software Development Projects?

A good outsourcing partner is hard to find, because already good resources are engaged. Do you know every 2 developers out of 3 are in full time roles? There is an overall shortage of skilled developers. However, if you get a trusting partner, that is more than a blessing. Do consider these few things while outsourcing a project.
  • Opt for agile and scrum for project management as these are the most effective.
  • Keep the workflow transparent, frequent meetings schedule.
  • Reliable security protocols are needed.
  • Prefer teams working in the same time zone.
  • Check service provider’s reputation and track record.

Why Code Ninja for Software Development Outsourcing?

Agile approach

Our clients can extend and reduce their teams whenever they feel like it.

Dedicated manager

We align projects by offering dedicated project managers, so as to never lose focus.

Client satisfaction score 9/10

Score and client retention are interrelated, we build long term relationships.

50% of senior and mid-level engineers

Half of our workforce is experienced and can take on challenges head on.

Fast and seamless onboarding

No matter the project complexity, our simple yet defined onboarding process does not take much time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing delivers expected outcome whereas inside staff augmentation, only resources are attained to fill a skillset gap and there is no expectation regarding the project outcome (either the project succeeds or fails).

Depends on the project complexity. However, Agile and Scrum are two popular choices over here at Code Ninja. Our processes do correspond with the average software development cycle, that is, ideation, planning, designing, development, testing, launching and support.

Since Code Ninja is one of the reputable and trusted software development companies, we offer qualified developers. However, you are welcome to conduct as many interviews with our team of experts to make sure you get the right fit for the job.

We do arrange Skype call meetings so that the client and the outsourced team get acquaintance and if client feels to proceed further, can ask for the technical assignments with a deadline.

Again, depending upon the project size and duration. We can offer up to 1-80 dedicated developers. We do understand every business is different, and so the needs.

If the project scope is defined and clear, that is, well written requirements and goals document, you don’t need dedicated team but if the project scope is uncertain and complex, dedicated teams can work better since the work could be divided into different development phases.

Communication barrier, gaining access to global pool of talent can cause communication issues, overcoming different time zones, languages and cultural conventions. Code quality challenges, checking if the outsourced team is adhering to quality standards.

Maintaining a proper check on code quality when outsourcing development to offshore/nearshore team requires communication of expectations, telling quality benchmarks in advance etc.

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